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Cigarette, Cigar & Pipe Smoke Odors Gone Forever

Free Inspection BannerCan you imagine your home or business with no smoke odor?

Can you imagine 100% smoke odor removal within 24 hours?

Can you imagine a process that does not require removing carpet and pad?

Can you also imagine a unique process that does not require sealing and painting walls and ceilings to achieve complete smoke odor elimination?

Well stop imagining and start experiencing crisp, clean, odor & allergy free air in your own home

We not only guarantee 100 percent smoke odor removal, we pay you $200.00 if we can’t remove the smoke smell from cigarettes, cigars or pipes within 24 hours of our start time.

What Happens To The Cigarette Smoke Odor?

Smoke and soot Are the byproducts of incomplete combustion of organic (alive or was alive ) material, if it incinerated (burned) completely it would be broken down into atoms because the soot and smoke are not completely broken down they are organic material decaying (rotting) that’s why the bad malodor,
CLO2 is a strong oxidizer, which completely decomposes the smoke and soot because it is combined with the chlorine dioxide, a unique metamorphosis happens, it accelerates the oxidation and Enables it to work through greasy surfaces were ozone cannot,
The combination of the chlorine dioxide and oxygen create a strong disinfectant (in many cases a sterilizer). This is why it kills so many bacteria’s and viruses but more importantly, it destroys the spores – Craig Jasper

Cliff Snyder, a 32 year veteran in the real estate business calls the process an “Amazing System!”

Explanation Of How We Get Rid Of Smoke Smell In Your Home Or Business

Total Elimination Of Indoor Smoke Odor

cleaning-cigarette-smoke-wallSTEP 1: We start by washing your walls, ceilings, cabinets and counter-tops, throughout your home or business, with our unique CLO2 formula. No other product in the world compares to the odor fighting power of our industrial strength Chlorine Dioxide in the liquid phase. As an added benefit our green product does not leave any chemical residue in your home.

Total Elimination Of Indoor Smoke Odor

chlorine-dioxide-gasSTEP 2: The second step is the most powerful. In this step we turn Chlorine Dioxide into a gas, allowing the CLO2 to penetrate every nook and cranny of the interior of your property. Chlorine Dioxide in gas form is 0.124 Nanometers in size. 8.06451612903 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules = 1 Nanometer. 1,000 Nanometers = 1 Micron. As you can see, our method of cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke elimination is light years ahead of any other method.

Total Elimination Of Indoor Smoke Odor

electrostatic-spray-patternSTEP 3: The third step is the use of our electrostatic static sprayer which we use throughout the home. Here are two great examples of an electrostatic static sprayer in use (Example 1 shows the benefits of electrostatic spraying over conventional spray techniques.) (Example 2 explains the process of electrostatic spraying).

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The TAVS™ Promise

We decided to put our MONEY where our mouth is. We will pay YOU $100.00 if our system fails to remove the ODOR as promised!

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